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Spring/ Summer 2025 studio collection

Henrik Vibskov and team are thrilled to introduce The Orchestra of the Soft Assistance. A collection that harmonises the elegance of human empathy with the adaptive genius of the animal kingdom. This collection is inspired by the profound theme of hands; the ultimate symbols of assistance, compassion, and adaptability. Join us as we celebrate the beauty of empathy and the power of the versatile.

In our journey of creating the collection, we explored how hands signify more than just physical help; they embody the essence of empathy, the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. Just as hands adapt to different tasks, we too must adapt to the needs of those we assist and to the world changing around us.

The collection is also inspired by the natural world’s marvels of adaptation and assistance. It mirrors the transformative abilities of the octopus, which can morph its shape and colour to blend seamlessly into its surroundings. Their whole body is a large neural network that creates a web of understanding and feeling, and its many limbs could lend you many hands at the same time. Let’s embrace the mutability, re-examine our past behaviours and adapt to create actionable goals to improve the future.

The Orchestra of the Soft Assistance features fluid silhouettes, morphed patterns, and versatile garments that embody the themes. By dissecting the classic check; a jacquard woven checkered fabric has morphed with ocean motifs, and in a checkered knit the pattern dissolves completely. Hands are represented in prints – little fingers supporting you, chopped factory fingers, analogue gloves. Peace offering messages are hidden in the corners.

Grey outline fingers is an exclusively developed textile, with a smock-like crinkle that resembles intertwined fingers, making use of a 30-year-old archive materials from Dutel.

The silhouettes embrace adaptations from nature; there are wavy soft amoeba silhouettes, the skin from gliding mammals is reinterpreted, fitting the garments into a square, letting the body give it shape and letting the excess flow along the sides.

All fabric has been changed and elevated within their means to be recycled or organic. For SS25 Studio collection, 85,1% of our garments consist of at least 50% certified fibres, and Henrik Vibskov strives to increase this number for each upcoming season. Certifications include GOTS Organic, GOTS Made with Organic, GRS Global Recycled Standard, EcoVero Viscose and nontoxic dyes and prints.

For the presentation of the SS25 studio collection, we invite the audience to witness an orchestrated moving landscape lifted by the gentle gesture of the hand pinching the surface. Where both the models and the landscape will adjust itself fluidly.

Thank You

HV Design Team – Henrik Vibskov, Judith Klingenfeld, Andreas Hermann Bloch, Zuzana Radicova, Baptiste Comte

HV Management, Logistics, Accounting – Mia Frykholm, Lin Zheng, Anja Gordon

HV Development & Production – Anna de La Cour & Natalie Holmegaard

HV Set Design – Baptiste Comte, Lin Halding Andersson

HV Interns – Laura Hagested, Lin Halding Andersson, Valentina Bentos

Sales Team -VALD Agency & DUNE Japan

Press Team – SPALT PR, Natasha Skou

Lookbook & Show photography – Sebastian T. Thorsted

Show video – Nordic Agency

HV Boutiques – Dorthe Cornelius and staff in Copenhagen, Moto and staff in NYC

Hair – Living Proof, Icon Hairspa. Head of hair: Amalie Holmqvist
Makeup – Silvia Sidoli & Team

Casting – Morfosi Milano

Music – Den Sorte Skole

Thanks to all models, performers and dresser
A special thanks to: CNMI, CIFF, Alessandra Della Morte

A cura di Giovanni Romano, Giornalista Fashion Style


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