Renzi Maiorano: tre trial of the century



It will open at the court in Florence on Nov. 7, 2023 at 9:30 a.m. The trial which promises to be one of the hottest, most spectacular and unique between Matteo Renzi and Alessandro Maiorano, after in July 2021 Alessandro Maiorano was acquitted with full formula by the judge, Dr. Laura Bonelli for various crimes against former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.
The new trial, which will once again see the former child prodigy of Palazzo Vecchio and his former mayor facing each other, is about such piquant and personal situations where even a seasoned and experienced lawyer like Professor Carlo Taormina has said that he feels uneasy about the topics they will be forced to deal with. That’s right, because the trial against Alessandro Maiorano for alleged stalking and defamation revolves around videos and posts that the terrible Alessandro in profusion allegedly put online about situations involving the private sphere of Matteo Renzi and Elena Boschi, where Maiorano would talk about escorts brought by Renzi’s security detail up to his former home on Via Nazionale 196 in Rome, and an alleged romantic relationship with Hon. Boschi, a relationship where according to Maiorano the former minister would get pregnant by Matteo and then go and get an abortion so as not to create scandal in the government headed by Renzi himself. As bases of support, Maiorano allegedly posted audio testimonies of people close to the magic circle in Florence.
But that’s not all, the trial will also deal with other matters concerning an alleged €40 million bribe that according to engineer Alessandro Marini of Olbia was handled by Matteo Renzi, Marco Carrai and Graziano del Rio with part of the alleged bribe deposited on an African cc current account of which Marini allegedly gave references to Maiorano,
with documents and phone records where a hypothetical scam set up against Qatar’s Emir Althani would be revealed.During the interrogations that Maiorano sustained before the Florence Digos and before the assistant prosecutor of the Florence Public Prosecutor’s Office Luca Tescaroli, the blond Florentine left kilos of papers accompanied by CDs and much other material that should have led the Florence Public Prosecutor’s Office to investigate because the topics discussed must have certain answers, but so far they have only pointed the spotlight at Alessandro Maiorano,
spotlights that have led to a bitter clash between lawyer Carlo Taormina and prosecutor Tescaroli where Professor Taormina allegedly told the prosecutor that in two years “YOU HAVE NOT DONE ANY INVESTIGATION ON ANY OF MY ASSISTANT’S STATEMENTS.”

But other events boil inside this trial, there is also talk of a €300,000 check with an alleged false signature given by Matteo’s parents to one of their lawyers, a certain Mirco Luca, which according to a testimony by a former employee of the Renzi family, Ms. Silvia Gabrielleschi, was cashed with another bank account where the Renzi family allegedly hid as much as €990,000 from the tax authorities, all documents that Gabrielleschi brought to lawyer Carlo Taormina in his Roman office in order for everything to be reported later. Unbelievable chaos that threatens to involve half of Florence, such as the gossip that popped up in front of prosecutor Tescaroli of an alleged romantic relationship between the Renzi lawyer Federico Bagattini and Florence court president Marilena Rizzo, a statement by Maiorano supported by telephone recordings that would not constitute a crime but if everything was later confirmed in the trial would create embarrassment for many.
For Florentines this trial represents a unique event. Admission is free and according to lawyer Carlo Taormina the witness list will be the one that will bring the Florence court to be a show with one and only one protagonist, that Alessandro Maiorano who as he stated on his Facebook profiles, “It was what I wanted and sought all along. Now you can no longer escape.”


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