Let us look at London’s cultural and artistic initiatives, let’s discover: “UK Parliamentary Society for Arts, Fashion and Sports”


Katya Marletta, cultural and lifestyle journalist London based, interviews Rebeca Riofrio, Chair and Founder UK Parliamentary Society for Arts, Fashion and Sports; the founder of Art in Fusion, TV Production Company as well as a marketing manager at the Anglia Ruskin University London<https://lca.anglia.ac.uk/>.

Welcome Rebeca, would you like to tell our readers something about UK Parliamentary Society for Arts, Fashion and Sports? What is its purpose?

This society has been founded in January 2019 with the aim to integrate the UK government and creative young minds specially in the ARTS – FASHION & SPORTS industries. This parliamentary society is a place where voices can be heard with care and attention.

Whose idea was this?

As chair-founder I have been involved in the Higher Education, Art & Fashion industry for over 19 years and believe that is crucial to show support and educate young people in politics and the most effective way is by make them active participants of it, together with Christian Vinante we introduced this society with the conviction in building bridge of trust among thousands of young people in the UK.

How is it organized?

We count with an advisory board, executive board and various influential knowledgeable professional’s individuals that help us with the organisation and vision.

How does it promote the Culture (Art, Sport, Fashion…)?

Indeed, we not only empower people in the above disciplines but we actively held arts exhibitions, fashion shows, seminars, talks – furthermore we also count with a national and international press that are enhancing and profiling our members and ambassadors. I would like to add that in our society we also count with free psychological/therapist’s treatments and legal advice.

Upcoming events?

Our next coming assembly will be mid-September 2019. Please keep updated with our activity by emailing us or check our website: www.parliamentarysociety.com<http://www.parliamentarysociety.com/>

Katya Marletta

Photos: Rebeca Riofrio and Christian Vinante


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