Sibari Project


For the great event to be held in Calabria in 2020-2021. Company participating in the project: VERSACE. The CIAC in the context of its initiatives aimed at the promotion of art and culture, three years ago committed itself once again, to the enhancement of Calabria, a land of great civilizations and inexhaustible resources. They wanted to return to its glorious ancient history and in particular to “Magna Graecia”. Thus was born the “Sibari Project”. Cassandra’s prophecy “The most beautiful and richest city of a colony of Magna Graecia will fall enveloped by the flames of war and by the long wave and high tide sent by the wrath of Jupiter who will sink it into the abyss of the sea so that nothing remains of it; while valiant exiles of Troy they will lay the foundations for the construction of the most powerful city on earth.
The project, which has been clarified over time, aims to:
– rediscover one of the richest and most fascinating cities of ancient Magna Graecia, which had been Sibari.
– reconstruct his events that have always been fading between myth, fantasy and history.
– to deepen its historical-artistic dimension;
– relive the beauty and magic of our origins, from the civilization of the Ionian coasts to that of Calabria, from southern Italy to all of Italy;
Sensitize the various institutions, both national and international (especially the European Union), to the revaluation of this ancient, thriving and powerful center of commercial and cultural our western civilization and that today’s Sybaris can become a place of fascinating archaeological, tourist and cultural discoveries.
Claudia Vincenzino


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