Alessandro Maiorano: Renato Vallanzasca of Florence


Alessandro Maiorano the persecuted. You try leaving your place of work and find five cars and 20 armed men stopping you, searching your car, your place of work and the next day ringing the doorbell of your house, taking you away on a pulse-pounding charge: TERRORISM. It all started like this in 1988 when Alessandro Maiorano was a young man of 26/27 and ended up in the crosshairs of the PMs, who for a good almost 30 years never let go of him.
Allegations upon allegations over the years, which then melted away like snow in the sun, leaving anger and bitterness upon the Florence Bandit.
Extortion, terrorism, armed gangs, fraud, robbery, receiving stolen property, property crimes, slander, aggravated threats, forgery in a public act associated with crime, but the most serious was when the Digos served him with a search warrant because he was suspected of being the one who gave information to the R.B. Commando that slaughtered former Florence mayor Lando Conti.

According to the absurd allegations, who better than Alessandro Maiorano, who worked precisely with Lando Conti, could have information about his movements?
Everything then fell into nothingness, but it put Alessandro as the main target to keep an eye on, and that happened. The Bandit of Florence has a record of searches, as many as 17 of which 3 with 41 tulps (weapons, explosive bombs), all 17 always yielded negative results but nevertheless if for the PMs you are a criminal … you remain a criminal for life. But Alessandro Maiorano’s troubles were not created by fate or absurd beliefs of some magistrates, but also by well-known Italian politicians who see in him an enemy to be put down, but Maiorano has been acquitted in no less than 5 criminal cases after complaints from Italian politicians and the name that seems to have an open account with him is Matteo Renzi.
In the course of his movie life Alexander has been the subject of no less than 6,000 pages of investigations with phone and environmental wiretaps, hundreds of police officers just for him at an abnormal expense to the community for actions the likes of which are only seen on TV.
But not only that, “the Bandit” has been the subject of dozens of interrogations, always, and we write always, by the police, never by the carabinieri (strange), with interrogations to which the former enfant prodige of Palazzo Vecchio himself has responded bringing facts and evidence to his advantage, but in spite of all this there has also been no shortage of psychiatric evaluations (no less than 2) in the criminology departments of Careggi hospital in Florence where Alessandro came out on top with medical reports attesting that “The Vallanzasca of Florence” possesses a ready, living intelligence with an above-average IQ.


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