The talent Artist Bahram Picaso want meet Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, the Prince of Dubai


We know that you are Artist and great talent but who is Bahram.picaso in his life? is your name of art? You can describe in little world your figure?

Picasso is my artistic ideal in my life and it originates from the fact that I had a very accidental meeting with Mr. Carlos Queiroz, (Former coach of the Iranian national football team) and at that moment I drew the nature of my mind, dedicated it to him afterward, he decided to give this title (Picasso).

Where are you from and which is your dream?

I come from Iran. I am belong to the nature and anywhere in the world could be my home, in my ideal city, in my dream art is valuable and people are free to express themselves by their arts, when I get there I want to help my friends who are in limitation and help them to get rid out of these limitations, and provide betfer situations for theselves.

We saw your painting about the Prince of Dubai, we think that this work is a great masterpiece, why you take inspirations from this great person like Hamdan bin Muhammad Al Al Maktoum?

One day I saw a picture of him and by examining his way, I found out that his way of living looks strange to me, and I followed him, and when I saw his free style of living and his humanitarian activities, I decided to follow him so started to draw him and he became my role model in my life, i drew him on paper with my little hands, I painted his picture so i think he is with me forever.

The Manager Debora Cattoni found you in instagram and you will be in his next event in Dubai?

Ms. Debora Cattoni has a special devotion to me, and she is the angel who has came to my life to make the hardship of my way easy for me, I never forget her kindness and her sweet heart. I know she will have everything in her life because of her kind heart.

If there is an invitation, I am also eager to meet great people there.

We want to see your exhibition in Dubai because we think that you can do something of great, you want to rapresent your country?

First of all, i should thank you to observe me and interview to me.

Regarding the introduction of my country, my answer is no, the country in which I live is well known, but the talents who live in this country are anonymous…

Tell us about your desire to draw, how does this passion come about ?! and when you draw what do you feel?

I mentioned my most important desire in the first question, but the most important thing for me is living good in a free society and having a big international art exhibition, with the revenues of this exebition I can help all orphaned disabled children in all around the world about my feelings, while painting. The hardships of my life and when bad thoughts invade me, I turn away from them by painting and it makes me relax.

Nothing is impossible is your mind, we are sure and we think you are here from God, to make us dream.

Undoubtedly, God has always been and is my great help, and source of all these events within me.
All over the world and everything in it is a shine of God’s presence.

We know you believe a lot in God, where do you find all this strength? You are a living example.

As I said, yes, I believe in my God a lot, this belief has empowered me since I was a child, and after years I get, the more and more power of this fascination grows.

How old are you?

I have 18 years old.

What plan do you have in mind and what is your favorite phrase? Life motto? Style?

In the life progress we should fight and try hard to do our bests, i believe if we dont do that the others would do it, we stay away from achieving our goals.

Thank you for this interview

Debora Cattoni


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