Debora Cattoni interviews Shaficameo


How did your passion for art come about?

I was born and raised in a very conservative orthodox family in a rural area, where there was no artistic background or any other artistic traditions. I was much interested in drawing from the earliest of my age. Also, I was so passionate to learn drawing, but I studied only one basic course of drawing due to my family background. After all i gained further drawing skills from my own hardwork.6

From your works published on instagram we notice some important characters of the Royal Family, they are your inspiration, do you want to tell us about it?

UAE and Arab people are well known of their love for arts, especially for portrait paintings. So it is my greatest pleasure and interest to paint the Royal families.
Mostly i portraited as well as the top of my portraits is one for the Crown Prince of Dubai; H.H Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohamed, the iconic Arab personality, with fans all over the world.
I think he is the best to be the role model and the most amazing youth icon in the world today. So i selected him for the life series paintings. I had portraited it in hundreds of different looks, styles and colors.

What is your next project?

To sketch every succesive progressing steps of “Dubai” City, which is grown as the most beautiful city in the world within a short span of time.

Live in Dubai, the most loved land of dreams in the world, it was there that you met Manager Debora Cattoni, at the event “In Memory of Ferruccio Lamborghini” dedicated to entrepreneurship and art. You will be in her project like Artist?

The event “In memory of Ferruccio Lamborghini ” was one of the most beautiful event in my life. It was a great experience to introduce my paintings while meeting a lot of great people, especially Fabio Lamborghini.

Are you also photographer?

Professionally I am a photographer. Now I’m working as a photographer in Ministry of Economy, UAE.

What technique do you use for your paintings?

For the past six years, l have been practicing drawing and painting with electronic pen. Now I’m trying how to add new innovations in water colour and oil paintings using unique and different techniques.

Do you love Italy and what you love about Italia?

I dream of Italy and Paris as it is the paradise of any artist in the world to dream of. A country with a high regard for artists. Now I’m praying for Italy for its speedy recovery to its former splendor along with other countries in the world.

Which your favorite color in your works? And why?

White. White is my favorite color. White is the lightest color and is achromatic. l believe white gives beauty to all other colors. As it is known that white colour comprises of all other colours.

Your favorite life sentence?

In Portrait Paintings, discover new styles that will fascinate the world.

Thank you for this interview!!!!

Debora Cattoni


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