BASEBALL FRAGMENTS, the new book by Stefano Duranti Poccetti


After the Italian success, Stefano Duranti Poccetti now lands in the United the States with his BASEBALL FRAGMENTS reveries feelings memories translated into English by Daria Morelli, with the beautiful cover by Claudio Vannucci.
Through these fragments written in poetic prose, the author outlines the fantastic world of baseball, consisting of history, anecdotes, great characters and even fictional stories. His is an original perspective able to transform baseball into a lifestyle and a highly poetic sport, which seems almost played by the gods themselves.

“Here they are, the players of the Chicago Cubs, the Cleveland Indians, the Brooklyn Dodgers and other major teams. They are all there, wearing helmets, holding clubs, lined up like soldiers. Recruited not to make war, but to pursue a higher and peaceful purpose, which perhaps a perceptive and poetic eye could glimpse looking up at the sky, among those wonderful clouds praised by Baudelaire …”

Stefano Duranti Poccetti is an Italian writer and journalist. Author of several publications of a mainly poetic nature, he also passionately devoted to sports literature.


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