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Alessandro Maiorano, “The Bandit from Florence”



Alessandro Maiorano, better known as “The Bandit from Florence” (from the title of his latest highly successful autobiographical book), never ceases to amaze, and this time he does so, throwing himself body and soul into a new adventure that sees him in the role of editor of a book (which is planned as of now to be made into an investigative film as well), which will bring to light, in a world exclusive, the truths and revelations of Salvatore Baiardo, known to be the most trusted friend of the Graviano brothers, who are considered by the Italian justice system to be among the most influential and feared bosses of the Mafia, a criminal organization whose tentacles embrace various worlds, including that of high finance and politics, which are already trembling at the mere thought that Baiardo might bring to light uncomfortable and dangerous truths capable of bringing our nation to its knees. But who, in reality, is Alessandro Maiorano, the man whose judicial affairs make the skin crawl, with his no less than 39 charges (terrorism, armed gang, criminal conspiracy, collusion with the Red Brigades, receiving stolen goods, robberies, and more) and who at the end of the day has always been acquitted?

Who, in reality, is Alessandro Maiorano, the bandit from Florence, the man who takes the trouble to publish such an explosive book as the one that Salvatore Baiardo is finishing to write, of which he is now not only the editor, but also and above all a very dear friend of his ?

Who, in fact, is Alessandro Maiorano, the man who entertained and maintains a friendly relationship not only with Salvatore Baiardo, but also with Gennaro Bonifacio, the greatest Italian drug trafficker in the world, who wrote an autobiographical book entitled “malabellavita” in which he recounted his life of great successes and limitless wealth, but also of abrupt life changes that ended in multiple arrests and long prison sentences, due in part to the fact that he was a true man of honor, never willing to reveal, to the various investigative bodies, his ties and complicity in the underworld ? Who is, in reality, Alessandro Maiorano, who has been referred to by many as a person with double-tied ties to the various Italian and foreign secret services, who in recent years has fought numerous judicial battles with the powerful Matteo Renzi, also bringing back great successes thanks in part to the support given to him by the lawyer Prof. Carlo Taormina, with whom he has written highly successful books that have brought to light unimaginable financial and political scandals ?

Who, in reality, is Alessandro Maiorano, who went from being a simple usher of the City of Florence to becoming the most feared man in Italy, the man with 39 charges and no less than 6. 000 pages of investigations on his shoulders, the man who has been subjected to no less than 17 searches (of which three with the 41 TULP, provided for terrorists and major criminals, so much so that even state secrecy on the investigations was envisaged), the man who has compulsorily had to face several psychiatric examinations decided by various Courts and which have always led to results favorable to him, with certificates attesting to his above-average intelligence ? Who, in reality, is Alessandro Maiorano, the man who in the last three years has become the hero of a comic book and has written as many as 6 books, one of which, “The Bandit from Florence,” very soon should become a film ?

We at “Edicola Italia,” relying on both the historical memory of our historical contributors, first-hand indiscretions, and what has been circulated in recent years by the mass media, are able to reveal to you who Alessandro Maiorano really is.

It was the 1960s and Mrs. Graziella Pestelli, with her child of about 6 years old, entered a clothing store to buy a cute little coat displayed in the window.

After having her son try on the little coat, seeing that the fit was appropriate and he liked it, Mrs. Graziella asked the store owner how much it cost, and upon the answer that it cost 25. 000 liras, the lady pointed out to him that, although she intended to buy it, she was in the condition of not having all that money at the moment, and, as a good mother eager to make her child happy by buying him an item of clothing to his liking, she asked the store owner if it was possible to pay for it in two installments, bringing as her guarantee of her honesty and her commitment to the financial commitment, the fact that she was a close trusted associate of Commendator Zannoni, a well-liked local businessman, owner of Villa Borromeo. The shopkeeper, instead of showing willingness to pay in installments, contemptuously and vulgarly responded to her request with, “You are young and beautiful, and you will certainly have no difficulty in raising 25,000 liras to pay all at once for the little coat.”

The woman, seeing herself humiliated like that in front of her own child, burst into tears and ran out of the store, holding her own child, who was also crying her eyes out, tightly by the hand.

Well, that child who had had to witness that humiliating occurrence was none other than Alessandro Maiorano as a child, and that very sad and dramatic scene marked forever the life and memories of the future bandit of Florence, who from then on swore to himself that, once he grew up, he would fight with commitment and determination any injustice, even if perpetrated on others. And so it was once he became an adult, when he began to be confronted with situations that merited his commitment and intervention in defense of the weakest, who have always been the victims of those who have dishonestly managed and manage, doing their own dirty bidding, that power that should instead be exercised solely for the benefit of the most.

A public enemy number one, Alessandro Maiorano, who has become increasingly dangerous and fearsome, so much so that he wants to bring to the forefront, thanks to the book he is about to produce as editor, years and years of criminal collusion, of a certain political and financial power, with the Mafia, of which Salvatore Baiardo was (and perhaps still is) a major player, one who really mattered and matters.

In every way, ever since he began to fight for the defense of the weakest and against injustice, they have tried to stop Alessandro Maiorano, but they have never succeeded, and his rage against the strong powers (which flout the law and condition the work of the judiciary by making “justice” unjust) has been gradually increasing over the years, making him the number one public danger of certain politicians, and consequently of all those politicians who exercise the power derived from their institutional role for their own exclusive benefit. And the news that he will be the publisher of Baiardo’s truth book, Maiorano, despite the fact that rumors have been circulating for some time, will officially give it on Sept. 23 next, at 5 p.m., at the Grand Hotel Villa Medici in Florence, where Maiorano and Professor Taormina will present (having as welcome guests Salvatore Baiardo and consort) the book “The Stalker of the Powers,” Maiorano’s latest literary effort, which could also shortly become a film, in the wake of “The Bandit of Florence.”

The considerable costs of the event, which will be held at the Grand Hotel Villa Medici, Maiorano lets it be known that they have already been covered by one of his sponsors, but we are sure that even without sponsors, Maiorano would have been able to support them, judging by the good life he leads, and this is evidenced by the luxury cars, millionaire homes and the pleasant company of women, accustomed to living in the most absolute luxury, that he flaunts on socials to the delight and appreciation of his hundreds of thousands of fans, who in no way miss any of the posts that the newly appointed editor publishes almost daily.

We, like many other newspapers, will be present at the Grand Hotel Villa Medici on September 23, 2023, for a meeting surely destined to change the future of our nation.


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